Priorities for delivering our strategic quality objective

Five priorities were agreed by the Board on 28th June 2018 as key to our ability to demonstrate we are achieving our strategic quality objective.  All five priorities are listed below and the rest of this document has been written in sections to relate to each of the priorities.

1.      People who use our services will be happy about the way they are treated and will have genuine opportunities to make an impact on service improvements

2.      Teams will be supported to make continuous quality improvement the norm

3.      We will learn from mistakes and take steps to reduce future errors

4.      Our CQC rating will not fall below an overall rating of ‘Good’ and the CQC will see evidence of outstanding practice in an increasing number of services

5.      We will engage in a comprehensive programme of research to enable practice to be built on the best available evidence

Quality_cqcFiveQuestions.pngThe CQC’s Core Quality Tests

At the everyday level, people generally have a very good understanding of what quality means, but when it comes to health and social care they often focus on different aspects of quality which can make it confusing.  At its simplest level, the quality of anything refers to a combination of at least these three things – something that:

  • Is safe
  • Does what it’s meant to effectively
  • Feels right

These are the minimum quality tests for things we buy as well as for services we receive and have been embedded in the Care Quality Commission’s regulatory frameworks for health and social care services which we are statutorily required to deliver on.  
They include all these three tests as well as two further ones:

  • They are delivered in a timely way
  • They are led well

How quality fits within the Trust’s strategy

ArrowObjectivesAims.png “To provide high quality health & social care services”

Providing high quality health and social care services is everyone’s responsibility.  It ensures we demonstrate that we really do use our aims, values and behaviours to realise our mission.  Quality is one of the five key objectives within MPFT’s overarching strategy, shown here.  MPFT’s quality objective does not stand alone from our other four strategic objectives.  It is linked to all of them through our aims and mission.  

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