The service we provide
  • To provide a high quality, accurate and timely ESR Payroll and Pensions service to Trust staff
  • To maintain the integrity of our workforce data held in ESR (except training details). To manage access to the system, maintain the supervisor structure, and approve vacancies    
  • To effectively manage the E-Pay Healthroster system:
    • Enabling and supporting staff access to E-Pay Healthroster EOL (Employee On Line) to claim expenses and manage annual leave and certain other bookings
    • Enabling and supporting managers to access E-Pay Healthroster Manager to manage their team's attendance and approve any business related expenses
    • To support the E-Rostering Team and Bank Team in their management of rosters within the clinical setting
    • To take monthly data from the E-Pay Healthroster system and make the data available to the Pay Services Team, who load it into ESR to automate payment of Bank Hours, Unsocial Hours, On Call, Additional Hours and Overtime, Expenses and Absence payments.
Keeping Your ESR Secure